Light-Up Haunted Houses

Skill Level: Beginner

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  1. Print templates on cardstock and cut out. Pin templates to the foam sheets. Following the packaging instructions, carefully cut the out the house parts using the StyroCutter® Plus. Hold the blade of the cutter at a 90 degree angle to the foam to ensure a straight cut edge. Keep a slow pace and do not force the blade. Paint all parts black and let dry.
  2. Cut 2” strips of black poster board for the roof tops. Measure each roof top to see how long each poster board strip needs to be. Allow a little overhang on each roof as shown. Brush each roof top with sparkle decoupage and let dry. Glue the roof tops in place on the houses.
  3. Glue the tall window to the top, back edge of the half circle. Glue to the top of the house so the window and the half circle are flush with the back of the house. Glue the smaller top portion of the other house to the top, back side of the larger bottom portion to create the two-story house. Cut squares of orange scrapbook paper and pin to the back of the windows.
  4. Cut the 6” disc in half. Glue the cut edge of each half disc to the back, bottom edge of each house for a stand.
  5. Wrap small squares of orange tissue paper around the LED lights to create an orange glow. Thread the lights through a floral pin and pin to secure in place behind the windows. Do not pin through the wire. Push the pins into the house at an angle so they will not stick through to the front. Attach the battery pack to the disc with double-stick tape to store out of sight.

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