Loopy Burlap Ribbon Wreath

Skill Level: Beginner

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1. To create a high-low look, the foam wreath is covered in large and small loops of burlap ribbon. Use ruler and floral shears to measure and cut the following lengths of 2 1/2″ wide natural burlap ribbon: forty 6″, twenty-five 8″ and thirty 10″. (Note: Keep lengths separated into three groups.)

2. With foam wreath flat on table, plan to use 6″ lengths around out outside and inside edges. Plan to use 8″ and 10″ lengths to fill in top surface (front) of wreath, creating a high/low look.

3. To make loops from lengths, start with one 6″ length. Fold in half (without creasing), bringing together two raw ends. Pinch together ends while fan folding them with fingers. (This will create gathers at the base of the loop.) Insert one end of floral pin through gathers. (See Fig. A Photo.)

Insert both ends of floral pin into outside edge of wreath so that crossbar between pin ends secures folds. (See Fig. B Photo.)

4. Repeat making loops from 6″ lengths, inserting them into outside edge of wreath, side-by-side, all around wreath. (Note: Pins will be about 2″ apart from each other so that ends of loops just touch. You should not be able to see foam between loops.)

5. With remaining 6″ lengths, make loops and insert them into inside edge of wreath, the same as you did on outside. (Note: Spacing between pins may be a little farther due to loops touching each other, based on inside dimensions of wreath circle.)

6. When outside and inside of wreath is covered, use same fan-folding process using 10″ lengths to make loops and insert on top surface (front of wreath), randomly postioning. (Note: Unlike doing inside and outside edges of wreath that went in a line going all around wreath, for surface loops, place them all over, at random, but still approximately evenly spaced. Make sure loops angle every which way.)

7. Use 8″ length loops to fill in between 10″ length loops on surface. Adjust loops as needed by removing pin and loop together and re-insert into place. If any are loose, hot glue. If any foam shows, add loops.

8. Refer to photo to position flowers in lower right corner and hot glue to loops to secure. Also hot glue butterfly onto flower.

9. Cut each 2 yd. length colored ribbon into eight 9″ lengths. Find middle of ribbon and weave one side of floral pin through ribbon to insert into wreath in random places. (Hint: To make it easy to balance colors, select one color and insert eight lengths all over wreath. Then insert eight lengths of second color and finally, the last color. This makes it easier to see where colors can go.)

10. Use wreath hanger to hang, or make hanger from paper clip: Slightly separate curved ends of paper clip 1/4″. On top back, insert shorter, rounded end up into wreath, creating hanger loop with longer end of paper clip.



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