Mesh Gift Centerpiece

Skill Level: Beginner

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  1. To cover top and bottom of Block, so that it’s white under Mesh, use Floral Shears to cut twelve 8 1/2″ lengths white ribbon. Generously apply glue stick to top of Block. Attach six ribbon lengths, side-by-side, overlapping 1/4″. (Allow cut ends to slightly extend, over Block edges.) Hot glue ends tightly against Block edges. Repeat for bottom of Block.
  2. To cover sides, cut six 32 1/2″ lengths ribbon. Using glue stick on Block as you go, wrap ribbon all around block, slightly overlapping on sides and securing cut ends with hot glue.
  3. Cut 12″ length Floral Wire. Horizontally place 3 yds. Hot Pink Mesh on table. Bring right and left sides in, overlapping (so there are three layers). Set Block in center of Mesh, and 5″ from bottom edge. Wrap like a gift, by bringing up right and left sides first, slightly overlapping and tightly securing with Floral Pins.  Then wrap bottom like a gift and secure with Pins. At top, gather ends in center, scrunch close to gift and bind with Wire.
  4. Fold 3 yd. length Green Mesh into thirds, lengthwise. Just as you do when wrapping a gift with ribbon, set middle of mesh at top, close to one side of Hot Pink Mesh gathers. Wrap ends around to bottom of gift, flip gift over, cross ends and bring back up other sides of gift. Then knot at top, wrap around gathers and knot on other side of gathers. Fold under ends to make “poufs”.
  5. Use Wire Cutter to cut Blue Wire into three 12″ lengths. Similarly, cut Purple Wire. To coil, roll each length around a 1 1/2″ diameter object. (Example: Dowel, glue stick, broom handle, etc.) Tuck one end of each coil into center. Nestle into Mesh and hot glue if needed.)




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