Owl Room Accent

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft® CraftFōM®:
    • 7/8" x 11 7/8" Disc - White
  • Spray Color:
    • Turquoise
    • Orange
    • Medium Gray
  • 1/2" Rick Rack:
    • 36" - Yellow
    • 24" - Orange
  • 3" x 5" Felt - Yellow
  • Buttons - Black:
    • 5/8" - Black
    • 1/2" - Black
    • 1" - Blue
    • 1.25" - Blue


  • Foam Tools
  • Craft Knife
  • Scissors
  • Metal Ruler
  • Large Paper Clip
  • Fine Tip Permanent Marker
  • Transparent Tape
  • Old Newspapers
  • Straight Pins
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks


  1. On the photocopier, enlarge the Body/Head pattern at 110%. (Other patterns are already full size.) Cut out patterns. With Make It: Fun® foam Disc in original plastic wrap, position Body/Head, Face, and Wing patterns to fit on Disc. Use a marker to trace patterns onto plastic wrap. (Note: This keeps ink from directly marking foam.)
  2. Use a craft knife to score Disc on drawn lines, going through plastic wrap into foam. Remove wrap and use Make It: Fun® Foam Knife to cut on scored lines.
  3. In a well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area, spray with two light coats: Body/Head – Turquoise; Wing – Tangerine; and Face – Flannel Gray. Also, spray 1″ and 1 1/4″ diameters buttons Turquoise. Let dry.
  4. Refer to photo. Starting 1″ above the bottom of the body, use straight pins to temporarily attach a strip of yellow rick rack horizontally across the body, cutting so that ends are long enough to wrap around to the back. (Don’t glue yet.) Similarly, position and use straight pins to attach the orange rick rack about 1″ above the first row, wrapping ends to back. Continue to temporarily add yellow, orange, and yellow rows. When satisfied with the placement, use a glue gun to spot glue in place and remove straight pins.
  5. Position the face about 1″ below the head curve and align with the right edge. (See photo.) Hot glue in place. Referring to the photo, position the wing with the tip pointed up and just touching the face. Hot glue in place.
  6. Use loops of tape to attach the Beak pattern to yellow felt. Use scissors to cut out along the pattern edge. Remove pattern and tape. Fold beak in half. Slightly pinch together at the center and hot glue corners of beak to lower face—hot glue the largest black button on the largest turquoise button; then the remaining black button on the turquoise button. Refer to the photo to hot glue eyes with the largest eye on the left side.
  7. Find the balance point at the top of the owl for the hanger and mark. At the mark, use a craft knife to make a 1/4″ long, shallow, horizontal slit. Carefully insert the blade into the slit, angled up toward the top, and remove. Slightly separate curved ends of paper clip 1/4″. Insert the shorter, rounded end into the slit, creating a hanger loop with longer ends of a paper clip. (Hot glue if loose.)

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