Painted Cactus Wall Art

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft® SmoothFōM®:
    • (3) 1”x6”x12” Sheet -- White
  • Acrylic Paint:
    • Creamy White
    • Light Brown
    • Dark Brown
    • Light Yellow
    • Dark Yellow Gold
    • Light Green
    • Dark Green
    • Dark Peach



  • Paint Brush
  • Pencil
  • Drop Cloth


  1. Apply a thin, even coat of creamy white paint to all three sheets and let dry. You do not need to paint the backs.
  2. Very lightly draw the outline shape of each cactus onto the painted sheets. Don’t draw too dark of a line, or it won’t cover with the paint. Be sure not to press too hard, or you will see an indent from the pencil. Lightly draw the vertical lines in each of the cacti.
  3. Paint the three cactus shapes: one light brown, one light green, and one light yellow. Let dry.
  4. Paint vertical lines on the cactus: one dark brown, one dark green, and one dark yellow.
  5. Paint small pickers on the vertical lines of the brown and yellow cactus as shown. Paint small flowers on the cactus.

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