Snow Lady Ornament

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft® CraftFōM®:
    • 5” Ball - White
  • Textured Yarn - White
  • Feather Boa - Pink
  • Fabric Flower Hair Clip
  • Chenille Stem
  • ¾” Oval Craft Eyes
  • Decorative Wire - Black
  • ½” Pompom - Pink
  • Chalk or Powder Blush - Pink
  • Buttons:
    • White
    • Pink


  • Low-Temp Glue Gun
  • Wire Cutters
  • Scissors
  • Straight Pins


  1. Glue one end of the yarn to the ball to secure.  Begin wrapping the ball with the yarn in all directions to completely cover the ball.  Cut the yarn and place a small dot of glue to the end of the yarn to help secure where you stop.
  2. Glue the eyes and pompom nose in place as shown.
  3. For the smile, cut a long enough length of wire to have ½” extra wire on each side.  Bend the wire into a squiggle shaped smile.  Bend the ½” ends of wire in toward the face.  Insert the ends into the foam and secure with glue.
  4. Apply pink chalk or blush to accent the cheeks.
  5. Cut a length of feather boa and pin around the bottom of the ball for the scarf.  Glue buttons to the front of the scarf to accent.
  6. Loop a chenille stem and insert into the top of the ball for the hanger.  Use a pin and low-temp glue to secure.
  7. Clip the fabric flower to the top of the ornament.

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