Snowflake String Art

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft® CraftFōM®:
    • (3) 1”x 12”x 12” Sheet - White
  • 1 yd. Velvet Fabric - Blue
  • Metallic Yarn - Silver/White
  • 1" Sequin Pins



  1. Measure 3.5” in from each corner of the foam sheets and make a mark. Draw a line across each corner at the marks. Use the serrated knife to cut corners off evenly.
  2. Cut three 16” squares of velvet fabric. Lay the fabric face side down and lay the foam in the center. Pull the edges of the fabric up over the foam and glue in place at the back. Fold the corners neatly for a clean look. For a uniform look, be sure that the velvet’s nap runs the same direction across all three panels.
  3. Begin pushing the pins into the foam as indicated on the templates. Use a ruler as a guide to keeping the pins running straight and evenly spaced.
  4. Tie the end of the yarn to a center pin. Wrap the yarn around each pin from one to the next up the row of pins. Follow the template as indicated to create the pattern. When you reach the endpin, turn back and follow the pins back down the row. Wrap the yarn around the center pin at the next row and wrap it around the pins to the end and back. Repeat to string all three panels.






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