Snowman Gift Tags

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • Supply list is enough to make two snowman gift tags.
  • FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam:
  • Balls: 2” and 1.5”
  • (2) Craft Paper Gift Tags
  • Fabric Paint: Pearl
  • Felt: Red and White
  • (2) Small Pompoms: White
  • Bakers Twine: Red/White
  • (4) Small Black Beads



Cut both balls in half. The 2” half balls are the bodies and the 1.5” half balls are the heads. Glue the snowmen to the gift tags.

Cut two small triangles from the red felt. Glue each into a cone shape for the hats. Glue a small strip of white felt around the brim of each hat for trim. Glue a pompom to the tip of each hat and glue the hats to the heads. Glue the beads to the face for eyes.

Tie two bows with baker’s twine and glue to the neck of each snowman.

Use the fabric paint to create snowflakes around and underneath the snowmen. Let dry.

Tie the tag to the gift with bakers twine.

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