Spider Web String Art

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft® CraftFōM®:
    • 1”x 12”x 24” Sheet - White
  • 28”x 16” Felt - White
  • Thin Elastic Jeweler’s Cord - Gold
  • Sequin Pins - Gold
  • Thin Gold Jeweler’s Wire
  • 1” and ¾” Pearls



  1. Center the foam sheet onto the felt. Glue the felt around the foam sheet folding neatly at the corners.
  2. Print and use the template as a guide to insert your pins into the foam.
  3. Tie the end of the gold cord tightly to the corner pin at the top and trim off the excess. Wrap the cord around the pins across the top row.  Be sure to wrap from pin to pin in the same direction to keep the string running straight along with the pins.  When you reach the end of the row, turn around and string back up the row.  In this direction, wrap the string around the opposite side of the pin to give a chain-link appearance.  Tie the end of the cord to the corner pin to secure it in place.  Repeat this step to string all five rows of pins in the same way.
  4. Create the connecting strings of the web. The corner pin is pin #1 for each of the five rows of pins.  Tie the end of the string to pin #2 on the right side of the board.  String along with the five #2 pins wrapping in the same direction.  Turn around at the #2 pin at the top of the board and wrap in the opposite direction.  Tie off the cord back at the #2 pin on the right side of the board.  Continue stringing in this same way across the #3 pins, the #4 pins, and so on to the #18 pin.
  5. Glue a length of gold wire through the pearls connecting them.  Draw eyes with a black marker onto the smaller pearl.  Cut four 4” lengths of wire for the legs and bind them together with a small length of wire.  Bend and shape the legs and trim to size.  Glue the legs centered under the pearls.  Shape a small length of wire into pinchers and glue them into the hole in the center of the pearl.  String a 9” length of cord from the web as shown to hang the spider from.  Glue the spider in place at the end of the string.



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