Witch Hat Placecard Holders

Skill Level: Beginner

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  • FloraCraft® Foam:
  • Cone: 3”
  • Organza Treat Bags: 3”x4” Black and White
  • Beading Wire: Black
  • Acrylic Gems: Orange
  • Feather Boa: Black
  • Cardstock: Black
  • White Marker or Chalk
  • Small Straight Pins



(See below for how-to photos)

  1. Place the cone into the bag as shown.  If you have trouble fitting the cone into the opening of the bag, roll the bottom edge of the cone on the table to slightly round the edge.  You want the bottom of cone to fit snug into the bottom of the bag.  The corners of the bag will stick out on each side; secure the corners to the bottom of the cone with glue.  The cone will be slightly taller than the bag.  Break the tip of the cone off where the bag ties closed and pinch and shape the top of the cone back into a point with your fingers.
  2. Tie the bag closed tightly over the top of the cone.
  3. Pin a length of boa around the bottom of each cone for the brim of the hat.
  4. Cut a 5” piece of wire and bend a tight coil into the wire to hold the place card.  Glue gems to the end of the wire then glue the end into the top of the cone, through the bag.
  5. Cut 2” circles from the black cardstock.  Write the guest’s name in white marker or chalk on the circle and then insert it into the coiled wire.


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