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Spring Accent Cones

Cut down the side of the paper bag and cut out the bottom so you have one large rectangular piece. Wad the paper into a ball and flatten back out. Then, tear it into long strips about 1.5” wide. Completely cover the cones with the paper strips. Glue the ends in place then wrap around […]

Mixed Moss Cones

Glue small patches of all the varieties of moss to cover each of the foam cones.  The Spanish moss can be held in place with floral pins. Secure the alphabet tags to the cones with the covered wire.  Cut 3” pieces of the wire and bend them into “U” shapes.  Thread the wire through the […]

Hollow Star Cut-Out Cones

Use the knife to cut the cone exactly in half lengthwise.  Place a rubber band around the cone from top to bottom, dividing the cone in half.  Use the rubber band as a guide to follow as you cut. Use the spoon to carefully scrape out the inside of all the half cones.  Keep scraping […]

Decorative Cones

Paint the 18” cone antique white and let dry. Pin the mask in place on the cone. Paint solid black around the mask. As you move away from the mask, allow a little of the antique white to show through.  Let dry. Cover the 15” and the 12” cones with the animal print paper.  Trim […]

Yarn Wrapped Cones

Completely cover the foam cones by tightly wrapping each with a separate color of yarn.  The top and bottom of the cones can be left bare.  Glue the ends of the yarn where you start and stop to secure in place. Glue the shaker peg to top of the tallest cone.  Glue the wood acorns […]

Decorative Leaf Cones

Attach leaves to each cone, securing with low-temp glue.  Overlap each leaf slightly to cover the cone completely.  For tailored appearance, glue the leaf completely flat onto the cone.  For more dimension and texture, glue just the centers of the leaves to the cones, leaving each leaf’s edges loose.  Another variation is to wrap bundled […]

Holiday DécoBar Centerpiece

Measure and mark the center of the bar.  Measure and mark 1.25″ on either side of the center mark.  Keep this 2.5″ center section clear to attach the bow.  Trim the ends of the branches as needed to about 2″ using the wire cutters.  Start with the larger, fuller branches on the top of the […]

Create Your Own Wreath Just in Time for the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching and, if you’re like most shoppers, you’ve probably seen displays of beautiful wreaths both in store and online. Have you ever stopped to consider making your own holiday wreath to accommodate your personal style and budget? While creating one on your own may seem overwhelming, with the right tools and […]

Fruit Appetizer Trees

Wrap the cones with freezer paper or plastic wrap to completely cover the foam.  Use a small amount of glue or tape to hold the wrap in place on the cone, be careful to not overdo the glue or tape as it will be hard to pierce the toothpick through it.  Clean the fruit, cut […]

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